Project BioTex


Research: Sustainable and ecological materials that cause zero damage to the environment.

Materials are all around us, but we give a very little thought to their impact on our daily lives; where they come from, how they are designed into our products, and what happens after we’re finished using them. If we need to prevent waste created by the packaging industry we need to switch to materials which are sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly. The ecological benefits of renewable raw materials are clear: they are valuable, environmental friendly, and do not cause health problems.

Packaging materials made with renewable resources completing the circle of life.


Keeping these points in mind I started working on my research project- BioTex, where I’ve used materials which we normally would throw into waste, but have the potential of becoming a raw material. Food waste in the sea food industry continues to be a trend. Everyday, tons of shells are being dumped as waste, resulting in huge disposal costs for farmers. I’m utilizing waste to make a natural polymer called Chitosan. Through countless experiments, I’ve managed to produce a thin transparent film, a thick plastic wrap and it can be used for various other applications.


Texture play!


  1. Bio plastic wraps provides same performance as synthetic plastic wraps, i.e, Safety and stability to packaged goods during transport.
  2. Clear, lightweight, strong, flexible and good oxygen barriers.
  3. It is cost competitive with synthetic plastic packaging as the amount of waste generated in the sea food industry is enormous and something useful and environment friendly can be made out of it.
  4. Due to its cationic character, chitosan based packaging presents a wide variety of physio-chemical and biological properties, including biodegradability, bio compatibility, 100% plastic free, gluten free, BPA free, antimicrobial, non-toxicity and excellent absorption due to its high solubility.
  5. At the end of its life, it breaks down using conventional composting techniques in two weeks and releases lots of nutrients into the soil.

I strongly believe that packaging holds a valuable, sustainable role in guarding against waste. Single use plastics should never be built to last, they should be designed to disappear and through this project I’m trying to make ecologically sustainable solution which will not only help in using more of seafood that we capture and waste but also turn today’s waste by products into valuable co-products.

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